Class - Purple Book

Our Sunday Evening Class time is at 5 p.m at Village. Classes will be offered to focus on subjects for the purpose of theological discernment or practical application. Due to the wide range of backgrounds of people on a Sunday morning and to the relational environment of a small group or discipleship group, it can prove difficult to adequately communicate deep theological truths or give practical application. Classes allow the opportunity to be specifically geared to the needs of the body of Christ.

These dedicated learning environments benefit the local church by leveraging teachers, creating a desire to learn and grow in our people for following and being on mission for Jesus. Classes are not to be a replacement for our Sunday morning gatherings, however they may accommodate those who are unable to attend in the morning or who desire a different format of discipleship.

Our first class will be focusing on The Purple Book. There is no registration necessary for Sunday Evening classes. Just come with your own copy of the Purple Book, a Bible and a place to take notes if you would like. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by email: