We cannot claim to be for God, for the church, for the city, and for the world if we are not making disciples who in turn make disciples. More will be said below in our disciple-making strategy, however, this is at the core of who we are because we believe Jesus’ methods hold true. The first thing Jesus told His followers is “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men” and the last thing He said to them is “Go, therefore, and make disciples.” (Matthew 4:13 / Matthew 28:19) So we believe this must be important for us to build our lives around. We also see that Jesus did this primarily with living life with Gospel intentions, demonstrating a pattern for His church to follow.
We believe that all believers are called to be disciple-makers. We do not just want to say this but actually put strategies in the hands of our people. Above is an overview of our 3 main ways of making disciples. You can sign up as well or just contact us with questions below.